Principles & Roadmap

Our proven processes have been extracted from decades of hard won experience. The 3MG Principles and Roadmap have demonstrated efficacy in dozens of major projects across diverse industries and ecosystems.

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Core Principles of Our Work

  • Build high-trust and high-commitment collaboration, partnerships and co-convenors at every step.
  • Continually seek input and guidance from stakeholders and experts across the entire system – not just the primary clients.
  • Strengthen trust and intimacy among diverse partners – while keeping the primary focus on results and outcomes.
  • Stay authentically open to true innovation and experimentation
  • Minimize over-analysis and move quickly to real-world implementation, testing of early hypotheses and “proofs of concept”
  • Build complexity and depth of interventions through “rapid cycle prototyping” ie. multiple iterations and fast learning about what really works.
  • Build on success – even if not perfect. As long as results are directionally correct and positive.
  • Continually expand partnerships – and particularly funding sources – throughout the journey
  • Ensure creative and extremely efficient application of funding


In every project we convene and engage with key stakeholders and experts throughout the relevant space – through interviews, mapping of critical leverage points, deep-dialogue focused brainstorming sessions and large group summit(s) to rapidly explore potential solution sets.

To understand more of the theory and practice behind our Roadmap, the major steps and frameworks are detailed below – followed by a narrative example of how this model was applied to a recent large-scale initiative.

The building blocks of 3MGs Roadmap:


Task: Set the foundations for the Journey. Form an initial core steering group to lead the initiative and identify who we need to join us on the journey.

We select thought leaders and key actors in the extended system that will help us to make real and sustainable progress on our goals. We establish agreement on overall intent and outcomes, budget, funding, scope, time frames and roles.


Task: Reality check our initial assumptions, get people engaged, start exploring together the current state of the system and potential ideal future states.

Deepen understanding of the systems through interviews, learning journeys, deep reflection exercises, mapping of opportunity areas and most importantly, selection of high leverage intervention points.

Throughout this step, we are continually seeking extensive feedback on emerging ideas and refinement of hypotheses to be tested.