Sustainability & Governance in Extractive Industries

The Opportunity: To promote the sustainable use and management of extractive resources primarily in Africa to limit the “resource curse” to societies. This multi-year initiative worked to promote accountable and transparent use of extractive industries resources in African countries.

It did so by connecting and empowering key extractives industries stakeholders (government, civil society, private sector, parliament, and media) to jointly identify, prioritize and implement actions that lead to a more accountable extractives sector “to advance inclusive and sustainable globalization by broadening the beneficiaries of resource development.”

Our Partners: Key extractives industries stakeholders from government, civil society, private sector, parliament, and media co-convened by the The Governance for Extractive Industries (GEI) program, housed in the World Bank Institute and supported by the World Bank Africa Region and the African Development Bank. Private sector partners included Newmont Mining, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Shell, Exxon, Anglo American Mining, and regional and nationally based enterprises and various civic society organizations including Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), Transparency International.

The Journey: A multi-year process of convening and engaging with stakeholders throughout the extractive industries supply chain from government, civil society, private sector, parliament, and media. Designed and facilitated multi-stakeholder events in Ghana, Liberia, the US and the UK, advised and facilitated interactions of working groups, designed and supported prototyping of collaborative innovations and advised on the development and implementation of a clearing house of information and dialogues via various live and interactive formats to engage with multiple stakeholders across the “value-chain” of various extractive industries in Africa.

The Result: Developed approaches to sustainably develop resources, to monitor the environmental and social impact of operations, to collect taxes, to spend resources for sustainable growth and poverty reduction. The initial focus was on petroleum and mining contracting to improve the transparency and accountability of extractive industries contracts and to Get a Good Deal for Africa Fostering Accountability in Petroleum and Mining Agreements”. Developed a new, multi-stakeholder platform called ‘Governance of Extractive Industries’ GOXI a standing forum and global community of practice for innovation and collaboration across stakeholders groups, countries and initiatives a place to discuss the big ideas, share opinions and information, including new research and events, connect with others actively working on the sector and dealing with similar challenges, learn what is happening, announce initiatives in which you are engaged and collaborate to make them happen.